thanks to all the folks who came to reshimu to rock out with me and and rav peretz and the holiest of holies reb sharya witt we had delicious and delirious time. with just enough time to recover and play the futtermans annual purim bash with dr. gabe saks and some surprise musical guests  r' shlomo katz and menachem engel. to all those who were worried, i then safely stumbled home and before you could say haman haagag, i was out for the night.
just got back from playing in Itamar with Aaron Razel and gang , wow what intense simcha after so much tragedy.  Good Purim!!!!!!
wow awesome havdala melava malka with mayanot birthright with my dear friend Reb Chezzi and his holy Rebbertzin Sima. we danced and danced with the group until we couldnt dance anymore (literally they had to kick us out) such a blessed way to start this week of purim preparations.  also 2 new purim singles released so download it in time to rock out with on mirup!!!