played tonight for the memorial of Binyamin Zeev and Talia Kahane ,Hashem yikom damam, ron wiseman a great tzioni musician from Tel Aviv played some great original songs and invited me up for the last tune of his. Hes a cross between Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. The i got to do my tribute song for R' meir and his son Binyamin as well as a few other crowd favorites like a song from shivi and sinai tur. It was intense energy as usual at these occasions and i was honored to be a part of this important event.  may we learn to protect our leaders just like they protect us. May their holy souls rest peacfully under the throne of glory and be an ambassador of goodwill for us to G-d. Od Kahane Chai !!!
tonights gig was in bayit vegan at the shalom hotel for about 200 british teenagers that are connected to this program called tribe. rocked another optimystical groove for them but the best part was that the toddlers who shouldve been in bed already, got everyone dancing. yakov lehman was on his game with the story of "big bad brendan" and a super charedi ninja fascinated the folks with his moves. was certainly a fun night
the journey continued with last nights off the hook Mystic Lights party hosted by Crazy Y and Idit , Gabriel Knight or Dr. Gabriel and I finally got to play together for an optimystical show which was super fun. we did some really nice reggae grooves to set the mood and played some of our classic chanukah tunes to bring the light into the post chanukah darkness and after our set ben yomin and his gang of M.C's took over the show with dem hip hop beats and holy rhymes until at some point there was a total energy combustion of every person present playing singing screaming laughing howling was an awesome moment to be present at. big thank you to Aryeh from NachlaOr who kicked off the night as well.
so for the final light, the full menorah, we (shaul david judelman and yoni kamen) lit at a place called Price Waterhouse Cooper. what was really nice was there where a lot of kids!!! then we tried to make it to one more event but got caught in the snail traffic of Tel Aviv rush hour so instead we lit by my friends who live nearby and and some decent kosher Thailand food and entertained the cat and dog. Then i caught a show back in Jerusalem where an orchestra in the Beit Avichai played a piece from a know classical composer by the name of Aaron Razel , who wrote an amazing orchestration to a story from the famous Shai Agnon. absolutely amazing. then of course the final candle lighting with the wife and kid. a perfect ending to an amazing chanukah.
getting close to the closing , but the light keeps getting stronger. another show in Tel Aviv, this time at the famous Shorashim with my man Yaakov Lehman from "Dajus" and R' Trugman from Modiim where the macabees first threw off the yoke off from the Greek oppressors. i must say we did rock the house, with a little  help of some dancing camel and dancing menorah lights. thanks to my cool and amazing band for giving of your spirit. 3 more shows to go!

So we lit at this small start up company in Tel Aviv called Google. anybody heard of it?  wow what a company. you can play wii and eat ben and jerrys all day in the cafeteria, surf the internet and get paid really really well. will someone remind me why i am a musician please?.... HApPpY Can UKa!!!
played for the Ronlight company in Rishon L'tzion famous for making the Israeli GPS systems. certainly ironic that the company is called "RonLight" no? the question needs to be asked, how many doughnuts can i actually consume this year because by now i have certainly lost track...
Camped out with some friends for shabbos chanuka in a beautiful nature reserve called ein sataf. was supposed to play for lone soldiers motzash but got sick and ended up playing settlers by the chanuka menorah instead.
brand new chanukah song released called kavu shir. its a movin grovin tune that is sure to rock your chanukah socks off. you can download it here
blessings and light -