The Facebook page is launched with some freebies and contest giveaways to promote the upcoming album "In the Hands of Heaven". Out in stores Aug 30
just got some fresh new copies of R Baruch Chaits new cd. Its now on the radio and should be out in stores in a few weeks. Its a great cd featuring 11 new songs from one of the greatest Jewish songwriters. I sing on a bunch of  songs as well with some really great singers like Eli Schwebel , Ohad , R' Label Sharfman and more...and some fantastic musicians, so pick up a copy !
we rocked the ahavas yisroel shul last night until 2am, was great jamming with my brother, and seeing lots of great friends come out to sing together and dance and get leibidig, some highlights were Chezzi the rav of the shul doing a few yiddish classic tunes and Benny Friedman sang a song with me from the album raza d'shabbos that he loves.  
thanks to all the folks who came to reshimu to rock out with me and and rav peretz and the holiest of holies reb sharya witt we had delicious and delirious time. with just enough time to recover and play the futtermans annual purim bash with dr. gabe saks and some surprise musical guests  r' shlomo katz and menachem engel. to all those who were worried, i then safely stumbled home and before you could say haman haagag, i was out for the night.
just got back from playing in Itamar with Aaron Razel and gang , wow what intense simcha after so much tragedy.  Good Purim!!!!!!
wow awesome havdala melava malka with mayanot birthright with my dear friend Reb Chezzi and his holy Rebbertzin Sima. we danced and danced with the group until we couldnt dance anymore (literally they had to kick us out) such a blessed way to start this week of purim preparations.  also 2 new purim singles released so download it in time to rock out with on mirup!!!
a mind blowing experience last night playing with optimystical for yeshivat lev hatorah at metzuke dragot by the dead sea. we tranced out some ein od milvado and kicked up a lot of desert dust in the night. dov "care" be'r opened it up with some tai chi and tasty torahs and there was this incredible beat box dual that just rocked our world. im still reeling from the energy. GOOD PURIM!
just got back from a beautiful dati kibbutz in the north with aaron razel. mamash gan eden. i have become a socialist over the weekend but thats neither here no there. we had a great time doing all kinds of workshops for the youth , fri night davening, havdala and big mlave malka concert. new single release this week!!!
wow what an amazing jam tonight , with gavriel on the grand and all of the chevra that came to jam with us. what a groove! certainly going to take me into shabbos on a new plane.
was a fantastic delicious night at reshimu with our friends from NachlaOr. I was the MC which was a fun role to play and Gavriel Saks called me up for a rendition of "Tehom" , a song from the upcoming new album. Happy 2bshvat! gig at the kotel in the morning and in the afternoon with Aaron Razel in Efrat so im off to bed.