brand new chanukah song released called kavu shir. its a movin grovin tune that is sure to rock your chanukah socks off. you can download it here
blessings and light -
this time we were tested by the rush hour traffic leaving jtown but managed to make it in time to light for a company called Tradency in Rehovot. beautiful shining faces and some great square dancing. now back at home and ready to light at a more normal hour...
played tonight at a menorah lighting in citibank Tel Aviv. The CEO of citibank was so inspired he took me and my fellow musician Rafi Barkat all through out the bank to different floors to play for everyone in the company. Then I caught up with the amazing Aaron Razel to play a concert for bnei akiva in Beer Sheva. was absolutely amazing. didnt get to light my menorah at home until after 2AM. The Amshinover chassidim would be proud. Happy Chanuka y'all.

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Avi Kunstler and Yerachmiel In A Pre-Chanukah Concert - Tuesday night - Nov 30 - 8 PM..At The OU Center 22 Keren HaYesod - Jerusalem

Hey everyone we are proud to announce that after 5 yrs of being down because of all kinds of hackers and mismanagement, we are now relaunching we can all breathe a sigh of relief. we hope you enjoy the new site and will come back often. we have put a lot of hard work into making it and would love to hear your feed back!
Optimystical playing for a group of 200 English kids who are visiting Israel, with our friend Yaakov Lehman leading the way
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